Welcome To Our FAQ!! Please Read Fully...

PLEASE READ AND AGREE "I have read and agree to follow the terms set out in this FAQ.

Planetzero Rank System:

Waiting on account to be approved

The default class of new members.

Power User:
A user who has been registered for at least 30 days, has uploaded at least 50 GB and has a ratio above 1.05. The promotion is automatic when these conditions are met.

A user that has the right's to upload torrent files. this promotion is given by a moderator.

A user who has the right to upload torrent files and has contributed to the site.

Help's to moderate new posts and general help around the forum and active in the shoutbox

Takes care of almost everything on the site.

Has Overall Control Of The Site.

Uploading Q/A

Q: I can't upload torrents. Why?
A: Only Uploaders have the right to upload torrents.

Q: How can I become an Uploader?
A: You should have an upload speed higher than 400 kb/sec, and fill in a UPLOADING REQUESTclickhere.gif

1, You should have been registered for at least 8 weeks.
2, You should have uploaded more than 500 GB.

If you want to be an uploader, submit a request form above REQUEST UPLOADING promotion is not automatic. You have to be approved by the staff first.
You will be demoted if you haven’t uploaded a torrent for 10 weeks.
Then you can submit the uploader form again after the demotion.

Torrent information

Q: How can I download a torrent?
A: From the Torrents, section choose a torrent you’d like to download and click on it.

A new page will open with information about the torrent. There is a Download button that leads to the .torrent file. Download that file and open it with a torrent client. After that start the torrent download task. If you don't have a torrent client, Download µTorrent clickhere.gif

Q: What do “leech” and “leecher” mean?
A: Leech is the process of downloading a torrent. When you’re downloading a torrent, you’re leeching and you are a leecher.

Q: What do “seed” and “seeder” mean?
A: Seed is the process of sharing a torrent. When you’re sharing a torrent, you’re seeding and you are a seeder.

Q: What is a passkey?
A: A passkey is a genuine key which substitutes the IP recognition of the users. Thus, every user has his/her own unique key, which he must not share with other users in order to avoid any abuse. If somehow that key gets known to another user, you can change it through the option "Reset passkey" on your Profile menu.

Q: What is account parking?
A: With the option for parking accounts you can prevent your user nickname from getting deleted by the system for deleting inactive accounts. Use this option only when you go away (on holiday or business for example) and you won’t be using the tracker for a long time. After parking the account your access to some sections such as the tracker and browsing some pages will be forbidden. Parked accounts without any traffic realized before parking is deleted.

Q: What's the difference between leeching and seeding. Do I share files all the time?
A: The leecher downloads a torrent file and the seeder shares it. You can share things when you've downloaded them or during the downloading if there is any other leecher who has downloaded less information than you.

After you’ve downloaded a torrent, you start seeding it and you become a seeder - there are other people who are downloading the file from you. The seed process is a shared process. You share the file so that other users can leech/download it. you must follow the site Rules ALL DOWNLOADS MUST BE SEEDED FOR 72 HRS.

Q: What does an uploader do?
A: The uploader is the first one who shares the information. when there is one person who has downloaded the file, then the uploader's job is done.

Q: Why can I not make a torrent Request?
A: If you are in the "Members Group" you are not allowed to make a torrent Request unless you have a Ratio of "3.00 GB" or above, users with infinite ratios or torrents unseeded to planetzero site "RULES" need not apply, if you think your overall "Ratio" allows you PLEASE feel free to submit your request, we will check your account before allowing your Request.


Rules Short Version smile1.gif

1 . Arguing with the staff is forbidden!

2 . Before asking a question, look at the "FAQ" for information.

3 . Rude and improper behavior in the posts or comments will lead to a warning. You'll get only one warning!

4 . Do not SPAM!!!

5 . Racist behavior is strictly prohibited and won't be tolerated!

6 . Do not cheat on seeding you'll lose your account right away!

7 . Anyone found to be uploading our "EXCLUSIVE" torrents to other trackers, without first asking for permission to do so, will first be warned if proven by a planetzero Staff member, there will be no further warning after that it's bye-bye adios.

8 . Any attempt for advertising without the knowledge and permission of an administrator is forbidden!

9 . You have the right to only 1 account!

10 . Do not mini-mod. If you have any issue with a post, use the report button but not criticize another member in any public forum.

11. No Childporn and no offensive religious porn! Anyone identified as posting any form of child porn will be permanently banned, no exceptions

12. The ShoutBox is a place where you can perform Chat, where you must maintain respect for other users. Avoid unpleasant comments that call for bad coexistence. Pasting external public torrent links is prohibited, there is an automatic new torrent announcement system. You may lose your right to use this service without notice for not complying with these minimum rules.

13. Impersonating a staff member is a serious offense and will result in an official warning and possibly a permanent ban.

14. Remember that it is strictly forbidden to have a multi-account (clones) and those who are discovered will be banned and IP blacklisted, if you have had your account banned and want to return, do not make another one, Claim Back Your Banned Accountclickhere.gif using the discord link indicated.

If you violate these rules you will be "WARNED" or banned!!!



This section of our forum was created by the PLANETZERO Staff and with the help of the users in order to compile in one forum frequently asked questions, together with the thorough explanation. Therefore, we wish to make your life easy at PLANETZERO. If a new important or serious question emerges, it will be posted right here with the answers at your disposal.

It is a pleasure for us (and) you to be together. Make good use of your time here.



1, What is Torrent Tracker?

The Torrent system is a way for transferring files, based on a P2P (peer-to-peer) network. This transfer between remote users is made through torrent trackers - a server, that holds information, presented by users in a global network. This information is organized in torrent file - files, with .torrent extension, that hold data about the torrent you want to download. Essentially, this data is the type, size, etc. of the files and link to a tracker. The tracker links you to users, that have the files, so you connect with them and start downloading/uploading (or the more popular term leech/seed). In order to use the tracker and to be able to read the .torrent-file, you need a torrent client - a program, designed to operate with peer-to-peer networks. There are several torrent clients, the most commonly used are BitComet, µTorrent, Azureus.

BitComet http://www.bitcomet.com/en/downloads
µTorrent https://www.utorrent.com

It is desirable to use the latest stable release of the torrent clients. Note that new versions (especially with BitComet) often are not well configured and can create problems, so do not change your stable release, if there isn't a real necessity.

2, What is “Seed’ and how do I seed?

Main definitions:

Download a.k.a. leech - Downloading information from others.
Upload a.k.a. seed - Sharing with others already downloaded information.

All torrent clients are designed for sharing information. This means that your client (provided you keep the default configuration and preferences) will automatically seed while you are leeching and also keep seeding when you complete the downloading of a given torrent, provided you do not shut down the program.

Seeding is the action of sharing the information you already have downloaded (or uploaded) with users, that are trying to download it. When you seed successfully (there are leechers and you can connect to them), your rating (or ratio) is increased. It is good to maintain seeding of already finished downloads as long as possible so others could download them, which will increase your ratio.

When you are downloading a torrent (no matter that you are seeding simultaneously already downloaded packets of information) - you are a leecher.

When you finish downloading a torrent and reach 100% and you leave the torrent job and do not shut down the torrent client - you become a seeder.

Both the leechers and the seeders are commonly known as peers - users, that are sharing information and are participating in the sharing process, either leeching or downloading.

Seeding or sharing is the fundamental function of all peer-to-peer networks. The more seeders there are for a given torrent, the faster will be the speed of the leechers. The whole process is called Peering and the system - peer-to-peer.

There are many factors that are related to the seeding process and determine whether you will seed fast or not. Here are a few of them:
There must be enough leechers or in other words, there have to be someone, who is trying to get what you are seeding (the demand/supply theories)

Can I use a seedbox:?

Q: Yes
A: What Is A Seedbox?clickhere.gif

Your IP address may limit your visibility to other users.
Your torrent client, firewall, router (if present), listening ports, etc. have to be correctly configured.

Probably you already know, that if you seed, your ratio will increase, and this on the other hand (if certain conditions are met) will automatically change your rank from User to Power User.

3, What does a warning symbol mean?

Low Ratio Warn & Ban

1st warn ratio 0.75 , Days to 2nd warning (3)
2nd warn ratio 0.55 , Days to 3rd warning (2)
3rd warn ratio 0.35 , Days to ban 2 , Ban ratio 0.2

First Warning PM :
Your ratio is too low. you have (7) days to fix this or you will be banned!

Second Warning PM:
you STILL have not fixed this, (4) days left GET YOUR RATIO UP.

Final Warning PM:
you will be banned in 48 hours, MESSAGE STAFF NOW AND FIX THIS!

If you do not follow the RULES of this site, you will get a warning.

While you are warned, you will not be able to:

1, Post comments in the forums or under the torrents;
2, Send Personal Messages (except to the Staff);
3, Use the "Request" page.

Before you ask "Why am I warned?", check your comments and profile page for irregularities! If you still cannot figure out what you did wrong, turn to the Staff member, who has warned you (you will know who in the system message, that you will get, when you are warned), and DO NOT TURN TO OTHER STAFF MEMBER(S) You may also have received a PM about the warning.

If you roughly violate the rules and do not behave yourself appropriately, your account will be permanently suspended or you could get a BAN - you will not be allowed to visit this site anymore.

4, What does “cheating" mean?

In peer-2-peer networks, there are some actions that are considered "cheating", i.e. actions that are used to pump ratio with programs, the use of several accounts used for cheating the system.

The following is considered cheating:

Unnatural increase of the ratio - by using special "pump programs" or by downloading a torrent from another tracker and starting seeding here the same torrent, etc.

Using more than one account by a given user - by downloading torrents by one account, and then seeding them with another account, etc.

All these activities can be easily tracked by the staff and if so will lead to BAN.

5, What is a ratio, and how it is calculated?

Rating or Ratio is a correlation between the uploaded and downloaded information from the tracker.

The ratio is calculated by dividing your "uploaded" from "downloaded", for example, if you have downloaded 25 GB of information and uploaded 36 GB of information, your ratio will be 1.44.

As the upper example shows, the more "uploaded" you have, the more your ratio will increase.

If you want to increase your ratio, seed more, and leech less.

6, What is "SPAM"?

SPAM- This term is used to define the spreading of all kinds of unwanted information.

In the beginning, spam started as showering users’ emails with obviously senseless messages, small advertisements, etc. Subsequently, the same phenomenon appeared in the other systems for communication between users such as mIRC, ICQ, Forums, etc.

How to recognize SPAM in the Forum?

All messages, topics, and PM are defined as SPAM if they:
Lack a concrete idea.
Are not connected with a certain topic (offtopic),
Are spread systematically and on a mass scale (flood), etc.

Here are some examples:

ОFFTOPIC - All comments posted in a certain topic and having nothing to do with it.
Example: In a topic where a movie is being discussed is posted the question “How to raise my ratio?” = offtopic (SPAM)

FLOOD - A definition for mass spreading of topics with identical content or showering Forums/Topics with inadequate information.


Posts containing a lot of emoticons, systematical asking of inadequate questions such as “When will there be subtitles”, spreading “The letter of luck” or simply repeating one and the same in several posts. Flood is a kind of SPAM.

How can I be sure I do not SPAM?

In most cases, users post SPAM because they’re not acquainted with FAQ and the Rules for using this site (if you haven’t read them – do it, if you have – recall them).

Before writing anything, first search by the search toolbar if your question has already been discussed. Thoroughly examine the posts, have a look at the torrent description, or read the rules for posting in the particular section of the Forum. In this way, you can avoid unintentional SPAM. Multiple quotations, comments such as “Bin”, using the padlock emoticon by users who don’t have any control functions, and the unnecessary quoting of such comments and emoticons are also considered as SPAM. If you have nothing reasonable to add, avoid posting.

SPAM is a violation of the Rules and is sanctioned.

7, What to learn before I post on the Forum?

Before posting a new topic on the Forum, there are a few things you need to do:

1. Make sure that a topic with the same subject matter doesn’t exist already. For this purpose, you can use the Search Toolbar.

2. When you post a new topic, be careful of the Forum section you use. A topic posted in a wrong section could be deleted by the first member of the Staff who notices it.

3. Before asking something, have a look at the "Important Topics" in the particular section. (In 99% of the cases, you’ll find the answer.)

4. Don’t post topics with senseless, incomprehensible, badly designed titles! It is considered SPAM and your topic will be deleted. On a second occasion, you will be sanctioned under the terms of the Rules.

8, Do I need a real IP address?

What is an IP address?

An IP address is a unique number used by computers to connect to one another by sending information through the Internet utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP). IP addresses can be: unreal (usable for local nets) and real (seen from each point of the global net). Furthermore, real and unreal IP addresses can be static and dynamic.

Advantages and disadvantages of real and unreal IP addresses!

If you’re using a real IP address, you may become victim to a virus or hacker’s attack from the global Internet space. With unreal IP addresses danger may only come from your local net (the clients of your Internet provider).

The advantages of real IP addresses are that you can connect to each computer in the global net – the Internet. You can create VPN links (virtual private network), local game servers, etc.

In P2P (peer-to-peer) networks, using a real IP address is an advantage. You can connect to both real and unreal IP addresses no matter whether you’re seeding or leeching.

If there are only two peers (1 seeder and 1 leecher), both of them with unreal IPs, it is impossible that they find each other on the net, and hence realizing traffic (upload or download) becomes impossible. In such a case, a third peer with a real IP address is needed in order to locate the seeder and the leecher so that they can have traffic between them.

9, My torrent client doesn't download?

Planetzero Allowed Torrent Clients:

uTorrent -
uTorrent -
uTorrent -
uTorrent -  3.5.5.w
uTorrent -
libTorrent - 0.D.6.0
libTorrent -  0.D.8.0
qBittorrent 3.3.C.0
Deluge 1.3.F

There are several possible causes for this:

1) The torrent, you are trying to download is dead (there are no seeders to download from).

2) The torrent, you are trying to download could be deleted from the tracker. This isn't a very common issue, but it is worth checking.

3) There is a problem with connectivity. Try one of the following:

Restart (turn off and then again on) the job in the torrent client.
Restart (turn off and then again on) the torrent client.
Restart (turn off and then again on) your computer.

4) There may be a problem with the version of your torrent client. Try downloading the latest stable version, if this doesn't work, try a different torrent client.

5) There may be a global problem with your internet connection.

6) If you have a dynamic IP address and the seeder you are trying to reach has a dynamic IP too, then you cannot make a connection - two or more p2p-based systems with dynamic IP addresses cannot connect to each other. You must wait for at least one peer with a static IP address.

10, My seeding is not properly calculated?

There are several possible issues for this to occur:

1) Your profile information (downloaded/uploaded/ratio) is refreshed on (and) ongoing basics, be patient your profile will be updated.

2) Check whether the torrents you are seeding are registered with the tracker. A torrent could be deleted, therefore you cannot acquire upload for a torrent, that doesn't exist anymore.

3) There is a problem with connectivity. Try one of the following:

FOLLOW STEP (3) "connectivity"

11, Can I upload torrents?

Only users with the rank "Uploader" and higher can upload torrents in the tracker.
Users with rank validating (or) Members don't have these privileges.


The promotion to "Uploader" isn't automatic.
You can be an uploader after you do the following things:

1. You are already a Power User.
2. You account is registered at least 8 weeks ago.
3. You upload is more than 500GB.
4. You submitted the candidate uploader form well and your candidature is approved by the STAFF.


12, I can't log out of my account?

The main reason for that problem is the cookies you have. There is information for the login/logout on every site.

If you use Internet Explorer, you should do that: Tools --> Internet Options -> General -> Delete Cookies -> OK.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you should do that: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Clear Cookies Now -> OK.

13, Someone is using my account?

When you think someone is using and downloading from your account, you must act right away. You must change your password and passkey.

How to change my password:

In the Profile menu, there are some PASSWORD boxes. In the first one, named just "Password" type your present password. In the second, "New Password" and "Confirm Password" type the new password, which you want to use.
Hint: Don't use easy passwords like 12345, pass, your username or so.

How to change my passkey:

At the end of the Profile menu, you'll see a box, named Reset passkey. Make a tick in the little box and press "Submit Changes"

Important: After changing the passkey, you must re-download all torrent files you are seeding or you must change the passkey in every one of them in your torrent client. After that, make a hash check and continue seeding.

How do I erase my account?

These things can be done only by the site "Owner". They can help you only if you explain well the reason for deleting/changing your account. If you want this to happen, PM the STAFF with a good explanation.

You better have a good reason for that. If you don't, then your account won't be changed/deleted.

14, About posting a request?

All users with a rank higher than user "Member Rank" can add their request.

1. Before adding your request, search whether the file is already uploaded in the tracker. You may try different variations of your search - for example, a word of the file or all categories and etc.

Movies - XViD / HDTV / DVD-R / Anime.
Type the name of the movie in English. If the movie is not English, try typing its native language (Romanian, Bulgarian, or so on)
Music - MP3 / DTS / DVD / Clips
Type the name of the album / singer or group
Games - PC ICO / PS RIP / PS / Consoles
Type the original name of the game you are looking for.
Programs - PC ICO / others
Type the original name of the program you are looking for.
TV series
Type the name in English or in its native language.
Type the name in English or in its native language

2. Next, choose the category.
Choose the right and appropriate category for your request.

3. In the box "Коментар за заявката / Comment on the application", give short and clear information for the file.

Type something which could be in help of those who want to upload the file and would help for the easier and faster finding of the file.


Release year, crew, link to a movie database site - IMDB, MovieFreak.com, EmpireMovies.com, Movie-Source.com, MovieMania.com, The Movie Vault


Release year, genre, or link to the review of the album.


Release year, genre, link to a game portal - GameSpot.com, MobyGames.com, IGN, Gamespy


Version, a short review, link to a program's database site - Download.COM, Download. BG

TV Series:

Release year, genre, link to a TV database site - TV.COM, TVRage.com
If you want it ripped from a BG TV: the TV channel, which it'll be aired on, date and time, and optionally some more info.

Books/ Comics:

Author, site, connected to the release.
If you want a comic book: name and episode of the request

4. Make sure that your request is filled up correctly and press the button GO.

Rules for making a request:

1. Fill out everything, when you make a request: name, category, comment
2. Making a request for a single song, subtitles, child pornography, or materials with violent scenes is "STRICTLY" forbidden.

If you don't follow these rules, your request will be deleted and there is a chance you get a warning.

Requests will be deleted if the requested file is already uploaded on the tracker, PLEASE use the search option.

To the users, who are making requests:

Be tolerant of the uploaders who are filling your requests. Help them however you can: direct links if you have a bad connection and etc.

15, How do I obtain a “VIP” user class?

If you want to become a "VIP" member, you should understand the following:

1. There are no strict criteria for obtaining this user class, such as ratio, weeks on the site, etc.

2. This user class is assigned by the Staff to users, that has made a special contribution to the site.

And most importantly: This class is given, not requested!

And finally, if you need help getting on-site? you can reach out to us at Planetzero Discord Chatclickhere.gif